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I am Patrick Lee, full time licensed Realtor in the State of Texas. My intent is to help educate people in the business of Real Estate. I understand that this will not be a be all/do all page, but will certainly enlighten you in this area.

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How long have you been a residential real estate agent? Is this your full-time job or do you do this part-time? While experience is no guarantee of skill level, real estate, like many other professions, is mostly learned through on the job training.

Do you hold any designations? Designations such as CRS® or GRI require that agents take additional, specialized training, and are usually held by about one-quarter of real estate licensees.

How many properties did you, your team, and your real estate brokerage sell last year? In the last three months? By asking this question, you’ll get a good idea of how much experience the Realtor® has.

How close to the initial asking price of the homes you sold were the final sale price? This is one indication of how skilled the REALTOR® is at pricing homes and marketing to suitable buyers. Of course, other factors also may be at play, including an exceptionally hot or cool real estate market.

What types of marketing plans and materials will you implement to sell my house? You don’t want someone who’s simply following the 3 P's of real estate. ie Place a sign in the yard, Place the home on the MLS, and Pray for the best. Look for someone who is aggressive and innovative in approach, and knows how to market your property competitively on the Internet. Buyers today want information fast, so it’s important that your REALTOR® is responsive to your questions and is available when needed. This should ensure that they are also responsive to prospective buyers.

Will you represent me only, or will you represent the buyer also in the transaction? While it’s usually legal to represent both parties in a transaction, it’s important to understand where the agents obligations lie. Your REALTOR® should have a promulgated form that explains his or her agency's relationship to you and describe the rights of each party.

What’s your personal approach to business? There’s really no right or wrong answer to this question, the response will help you decide what’s important to the agent and determine how closely the agent’s goals and business match with your own.

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How long did it take you to sell the average home? How did that compare to the overall market for that home? The REALTOR® you interview should have these facts on hand, and be able to present market statistics from the local MLS to provide a comparison

Do you recommend service providers who will assist me in obtaining a mortgage, or making home repairs, and help with other things? Because REALTORS® are immersed in the industry, they’re great resources as you seek lenders, and other home service providers. The agent should generally recommend more than one provider and let you know if they receive compensation from any of the providers.

What type of support and supervision does your brokerage office provide? Having resources such as in-house support staff, access to a real estate attorney, and assistance with technology can help an agent sell your home.

What methods do you use to inform me about the progress of my transaction? How often? This is not a question with a correct answer, but how you judge the response will reflect your own desires. Do you want updates twice a week or do you prefer not to be bothered unless there’s a hot prospect? Do you prefer a phone call, text message, e-mail, or a personal visit?

Could you please give me the contact information of your three most recent clients? Ask these recent clients if they would work with this REALTOR® again. Find out whether they were pleased with the communication style, follow-up, and work ethic of the realtor.

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