Our Consulting Service Provides 'Test Marketing' For Your Products...

All Consultants Give Advice....but we can back up our words with the marketing products needed to create a better marketing results and enable you to compete more efficiently in the 21st century.

We can help you achieving maximum productivity with minimum expense.

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Our consultant's have a unique, creative and intuitive perspective and can show you how to successfully market your products without intruding into your companies' private financial information.

Plus: the consultant that is giving you this advice is one of the ones that built the Surflocal.Net website and the Multi Media Ad Creation Suite, which will be used in marketing your business online at no additional cost to you.

So our creditably is, as we say, 'built in'... But, if we feel your project is to big or to complex for us to properly manage, we will personal help in finding a consulting firm that is a better fit for your company's growth...

  • Define a 60 sec elevator speech
  • Identify business goals
  • Identify key service benefits
  • Identify a market opportunity
  • Identify current marketing avenues
  • Recommend a new marketing strategy
  • Create new marketing collateral
  • Start a 3 month test market campaign

    Surflocal Media

    Start-up Consulting Package $295
    Amarillo Texas  
    (806) 340-6761
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    Start-up Consulting Package $295

    Contact:  Surflocal Media
    Amarillo Texas
    Phone:  (806) 340-6761

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